Staging Small Spaces – Making Room to Sell

Anytime you’re looking to sell a home or condo, it’s always important to organize your belongings and furniture to best show off your home’s assets. This is doubly important when you’re looking to sell a condo, loft, or tiny home that doesn’t have a lot of extra space in it.

Ideally what you want to do is show prospective buyers that your home has enough space for them and their stuff. If your home is crammed full of your things it will make it look like there isn’t enough space or storage for what you have and they’ll assume there isn’t enough space for their things as well.

To lighten things up in your little space, put anything in storage that you don’t need. Rent a storage space for these items so they’re not taking up prime storage space in your home. You don’t have to leave your home looking unlived in, but minimalist or spartan is fine.

Include in this storage project things like books and book cases, knickknacks, extra bits of furniture that are taking up space, and so on. Make sure you put any seasonal items in storage too, like winter jackets and sporting equipment if you’re showing your home in the summer. Less stuff in the closets will make them look spacious, which is what a buyer is looking for.

Depersonalize your home, just as you would when staging a larger home; put family photos and memorabilia in storage. Make sure that you use heated storage and proper packing to ensure that nothing gets damp!

If your tiny home still looks a little cramped, consider renting a few pieces of smaller sized furniture for while your home is being shown. A loveseat instead of a full couch will leave far more space available in a living room. A cafe table will look less cramped than a dining room table if your dining area is small.

Last but not least, keep your space tidy while it’s on the market. Small spaces look cluttered much faster than large ones, so make it easy for yourself and try to stay organized while you’re waiting for your home to sell. It’s easier to tidy as you go than to have to spend hours before a showing getting it just right.