Not All Futons Are Big Bulky and Expensive!

If you have been looking for a stylish, lightweight, comfortable, and inexpensive futon with a sleek design that is modern and chic, then the Aria is a great choice.

Unlike the majority of futons available today that are heavy, wide, cumbersome, and difficult to assemble, this futon is easy to assemble, fits into small rooms, is light enough to be moved from room to room with ease, and is constructed of sturdy materials for long lasting comfort and use. For a long time, I searched for a futon that embodied all of the aforementioned characteristics, but was unable to find one that did until I discovered the Aria by Dorel Home Products- a major leader in the manufacturing of futons.

One of the best things about the futon is that it is a Klik-Klak futon, which gives it the ability to be placed in an upright position, recline in a mid-way position, or be placed in a flat, horizontal position for sleeping, which allow great flexibility and versatility. Without the Klik-Klak mechanism, I think that it would be very difficult to transition from an upright to a reclining or horizontal position, but with this technology, it is a breeze and the clicking sound is quiet and barely noticeable.

The Aria Futon Sleeper Sofa comes in a stylish, white color with realistic faux leather upholstery that is soft to the touch and super easy to clean with a damp cloth. I like that the futon is not bulky and heavy, which made it possible for my daughter and I to assemble it in my office, without the need of outside assistance. For many years, I had a small loveseat sofa in my office, but it did not look classy or professional, so I replaced it with the this futon.

When the futon arrived to my home it came as one piece, in a long, big box and measured 69″ wide, 29″ high, with a depth of 32″, and weighed 70 lbs. My daughter helped me remove it from the box, place it in the office area, and screw on the four legs into the bottom of the futon. Although the legs look like real wood, they are not; instead the legs are constructed from a very sturdy plastic material and have been crafted to resemble wood. The entire assembly process was surprisingly fast and easy, requiring no tools and a few instructions.

It is the perfect futon for me, providing enough comfort for daily use. It does not have arms, but I have found that they are not needed, especially when in a horizontal position and me being only 5’4, I like the way the Aria supports my feet when laying down.

The only thing that I suggest is if you have a cat, like I do, it might be a good idea to put a lightweight comforter or blanket over on the futon, because if a cat with front or back claws plays or jumps on it, small indentations, tears, or little rips can develop on the faux leather upholstery. To prevent this from happening, I place a comforter over the futon and then remove it on days when I may have visitors.

This futon looks great in an office, dorm, living room, or bedroom, with an expensive appearance, but available for an affordable price. Everything that I was looking for in a futon, I found it in the Aria.