Maids and nanny in Singapore for helping us

There are thousands of tasks in the house  which needs our attention, we are caught up in so many responsibilities apart from the regular look after, one thing is really important that is our house needs  regular cleaning and maintenance .  Daily house hold chores takes a lot physical and mental energy.

At Many homes specially where kids are its gets difficult to manage  , homes are littered with toys, spilled food, dirty clothes no matter how much parents want to manage there are always time and other constraints

Therefore we need to make sure we get some help to do not all but a few tasks done , for that we need a good part time maid in Singapore. The word “maid” itself is a big stress  reliever for all the working and non working  ladies or men , as it takes a lot of tension away on a virtual level  although if not in reality  aah !! thats alone is enough to convince the lady of the house that she can be at ease and peace .

While a maid has become a necessity one must also can’t escape the fact that  affording a maid can be too heavy on the pockets one need to be very clear about the work they want to delegate to the helper/Maid so that their time and money  does not go waste .

Things one must keep in their mind before hiring a part time maid/helper.

There are endless things to be taken care by the house owner here is the list of the things helps you decide the work to be delegated

Bedrooms living and kitchen

  • Vacuum and mopping floor

Dusting and cleaning of the furniture


Cooking, cutting chopping the vegetables and cleaning all the areas and things used while cooking.


  • Cleaning bathtub, basin, toilet bowl
  • Cleaning all toilet seat , cover bathroom floor mirror walls .


  • Ironing ,emptying trash, cleaning all the windows n panes , ceiling fans

Deciding the time number of hours

Weekly, once or more times a week or fortnight basis

Lastly and most importantly decide the rates according  to the number of hours given per session .

Apart from the list discussed above if you need some other work to be done you can talk to the helper and explain the job how you want from her

Like there are maids there also these people whom we called nanny who helps us to look after our kids .

A good part time nanny in Singapore

A good part time nanny is someone who can look after the needs of our child and can really help us to relax handling a kid is a difficult tasks but a nanny can make it alot more easier for us .

Kids are a blessing from god taking care of these little blessing from god is a huge tasks changing clothes, changing nappies , putting them to sleep , feeding them these are all big tasks , once we get help things become alot more easier .

For maids and nannies we have to be clear our minds as and how we want things from them .