Creative Kitchens: Glass Tile Can Make Great Backsplash Mosaics

It’s well known among designers that glass tile can be used to create a gorgeous visual as a bathroom backsplash – which is commonly the area behind the sink, bathtub or shower that catches all the spills – but glass backsplash tile can also work wonderfully in the kitchen.

In fact, backsplashes may be even more important in the kitchen than the bathroom because while the worst spills in the bathroom are likely water and soap, in the kitchen, oils and sauces can hit the walls while cooking. That’s where an easy to clean glass backsplash tile can come in handy, as it can simply be wiped down with some warm water and look as good as the day it was installed.

Whether using stained glass, crystallized glass, or glass stone, there is an impressive range of colors and designs available in varying shapes. Glass tile is relatively inexpensive, and this, combined with the versatility of design options, makes it an exciting choice for many homeowners.

When considering the use of glass backsplash tile in the kitchen, one option is to use small hexagonal stained glass tiles of the same size but in varying shades of gray and gold. This can cover the entire wall behind the stove for a dramatic look that nevertheless blends in well with the overall kitchen design, particularly if the cabinets and other features are colored brown.

Or consider going for a lighter approach using rectangular crystallized glass tile in white to cover the wall behind both the stove and the sink. Pairing this with similarly light-colored cabinets and floors will create a warm, inviting room that will also be brighter when exposed to natural light from the windows.

Using all white coloring for backsplashes, floors, and units is one way to design a kitchen – but consider going in the exact opposite direction and using black as the primary color. Crystallized glass can be produced in dark black rectangular tiles for a bold and modern look.

Rectangular crystallized glass tile doesn’t have to all be the same color for a mosaic. Indeed, one great style can be achieved by using the same-sized tiles but in a mix of white, brown, and blue in a random pattern that will impress anyone who steps inside a kitchen with this feature.

And the choices aren’t just limited to using rectangular tiles, as the hexagonal style stained glass tile example above shows. The same hexagonal shapes can be used with crystallized glass in varying shades of gray, green, white, and brown for a warm and colorful kitchen backsplash. The ideal design is to use this style of backsplash with similarly light-colored fixtures and fittings, although this isn’t an absolute requirement and the final say is what the homeowner thinks looks best!

While the five examples above are all great ways to show off glass tile through backsplash mosaics in the kitchen, they’re not the only styles on the market. Homeowners should shop around until they find the perfect combination of mosaic they love and their overall dream kitchen design.