Considerations When Selecting Casters for Your Furniture

Putting casters on a piece of furniture allows you to move the item around with ease. This is true whether the item is in a furniture shop, in an office setting or in the living room of a private home. Having casters makes it easy to dust or vacuum the area beneath a sofa, love seat, chair, table or other item. In order to choose the right casters for each item of furniture, you have to take a few things into consideration.

The Weight of the Item

Casters are available in different designs making it easy to find some that are appropriate for your furniture. For instance, if you have a large, bulky sofa, it’s necessary to look for furniture casters made to support a heavy item. Alternatively, an average sized loveseat would require casters that can handle a relatively small amount of weight. Getting the appropriate casters means your furniture will sit evenly and securely on the floor.

The Color and Style of the Furniture Item

Today, you can find casters in a design that coordinates with your furniture. Caster colors include silver, antique and brass among others. Your casters can blend in with the look of your furniture no matter what color it is. Also, you can choose casters in a design that features a hood over the wheel to hide it. Or, you can select a caster design in a shape that complements the shape of the furniture item. All of these choices allow you to find exactly what you envision for your collection of furniture.

The Flooring

Before choosing casters, it’s important to look at the floor beneath the furniture. If it is carpet, it’s best to get casters designed to roll easily over carpet whether it’s thick or thin. Alternatively, if the flooring is linoleum or tile, the casters must be made to avoid slippage as they roll along. Getting casters that travel smoothly across the floor is an essential part of the selection process.

Finally, though casters seem to be an incidental part of a piece of furniture, it’s important to take some time when choosing them. They can enhance the appearance of your sofa, chairs and love seat while making it convenient to move the items when necessary.