5 Things to Check Before Hiring an Electrician

Are you going to hire an electrician for your household job? Don’t take it lightly as your family’s safety is highly dependent on safe electrical wiring at your home. Whenever, there is any wiring related work, make sure you hire only the trusted, certified and experienced vendors who can offer you on-demand 24 hour electrician tools, services, whenever needed and at the time of emergency. Here are five things that you should check before hiring an electrician-

  • Is the electrician qualified-

Check if the electrician sent by the vendor is qualified to do the task. Also check if he is certified and well -equipped to handle all kind of emergencies. Another most important thing is to know whether the electrician is insured as this would help you if something goes wrong during his working hours at your home.

2) Who will be leading the task

If there are more than one electrician working on the job, ask the vendor that who is going to lead the task. For instance, if there are apprentices working with the head electrician or the subcontractor, ask the vendor who will be responsible and answerable for all these tasks.

3) Does vendor offers warranty

Ask the vendor that if the services offered are covered under warranty and what of the services provided by the electrician are not up to the mark. Whether the service cost will be refunded or the vendor would send some other professional for completing the incomplete task. If the vendor offers the warranty, it is always better to take his words in written for future references.

4) How much experience does the vendor/electrician have

When you are selecting the vendor for yourself, always take into the consideration that how much experience the vendor and the electrician holds with respect to the task you have asked service for. This will help you to assess whether the services provided by this vendor can be trusted or not. Though you might need to pay a little extra for experienced electrician singapore price, but do remember, safety is much more important than money and you should not think of compromising it with your family.

5) Are they in sync with the Code of practice for electrical installations

Your vendor should have all important permissions and licenses to operate under the country’s law as this is important for your safety. It is important for every electrician to follow national code with regard to electrical installations. If you find that your vendor does not comply with the national policy of safety against electrical installations, do not prefer to work with him.