How to Choose the Right Window Style for Every Room in Your Home

Making a home your own can be tricky. Many homes come with old fashioned styles and fixtures that simply don’t suit the house or a new homeowner’s taste. Luckily, there are many ways you can invest in your home and find ways to make it suit your taste and personality. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing the perfect window for every room in your home. Windows can do so much for a room in terms of adding color, sunlight, and style, as well as opening up spaces that previously seemed closed off or cold. Read on to learn about the best window styles for your home.

Picture Windows for the Living Room

A living room is a gathering space. It’s a place to show off your taste and style, along with a few well-chosen coffee tables and art books. It’s also a place where you and your family will probably be spending a lot of time. For living rooms, it’s best to go all out by installing a classic picture window that allows you to look out at the view. As a fixed window, you won’t find air leaks or any other ways for moisture or drafts to come through. A picture window is elegant, classic and presents a perfect centerpiece to a room that’s shared by many members of the household.

Casement Windows for the Kitchen and Bath

Your kitchen and bathroom might prove harder to outfit for new windows. Since many kitchens and baths involve higher, hard-to-reach areas and creative angles, installing a casement window is usually your best bet. Not only are casement windows easy to operate through the use of a crank which folds windows outward to allow in air and sunlight, they’re a beautiful way to catch the high light of the morning sun. Both these rooms are frequently occupied in the mornings, making casement windows an ideal option for watching a sunrise or getting ready to greet the day.

Double Hung Windows for Bedrooms

A standard double hung window is always a great choice for smaller, quieter rooms with less foot traffic. With two moving panels and a vertical design that’s great for catching midday light, double hung windows are perfect for bedrooms, home offices, or any other small room in the house that’s used for a more private purpose. Double hung windows are a breeze to install, especially if you choose a quality service like Renewal by Andersen window replacement.

Bay Windows for Drawing or Dining Rooms

If you really want to stop the show, a bay window is a beautiful compliment to a larger, more ceremonial room. For a dining room or any other place where families tend to gather, consider installing a dramatic bay window with its clean, classic lines and cozy framing. If you’re trying to let in the light while fostering an atmosphere of peace, quiet, and privacy, a bay window is bound to be the perfect option.