E-Learning – How Embibe Is Breaking Barriers Of Offline Tutorials

The advent of the internet and associated technologies has impacted every aspect of our life. One of the revolutionary developments which have redefined education and learning process is E-Learning, i.e. learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet. Although it has been quite some time since Internet was being used as a medium for education, it wasn’t able to break the barriers of offline tutorials.

With the arrival of technology-based, a data-driven educational website like Embibe, E-Learning has reached a new level.

In a country like India, where the teacher-student ratio is too low, catering the needs of millions of students has always been a problem for traditional, board-chalk kind of offline tutorials. With the number of students aspiring to join the prestigious institutions across the country and secure their future increasing exponentially over the years, it has become impossible for teachers to pay attention and provide guidance to each and every individual in a class of say 500 students.

Thus, in an offline coaching class, 90% of the students feel neglected for not getting their queries and confusions resolved. The offline coaching classes are, thus, dominated by the brilliant students. The average or below-average students, who form the majority and need the teachers’ guidance the most, are basically left out despite having paid the same amount of tuition fees as their intelligent counterparts.
There is also an economic aspect to this whole problem. Most of these offline tutorials are profit-driven. Putting all their efforts on the most brilliant students guarantees these students securing the topmost ranks in the competitive exams, which in turn, can be used to attract more students to these tutorials, thus maximizing profits. Profit, being the driving force behind these tutorials, also impacts the quality of coaching they provide. For example, sometimes the teachers do not even give the students a chance to ask questions and clear their doubts, as it’s just a one hour class, and the teachers have to run to take a class for another batch after this.

Under these circumstances, Embibe comes as a rescue for the neglected students and to raise the quality of coaching. Embibe believes that every student deserves equal attention and guidance. This ed tech startup has come up with data-driven, statistical methods to provide personalized assistance to everyone.

Embibe provides study materials & Notes, practice sets, and mock tests for engineering and medical entrance examinations and other competitive examinations, all for free.

Apart from this, it also keeps track of every movement of the student on the website, pinpoints the key weaknesses of the student, tells where, on which topics and concepts, the student needs to improve, and gives suggestions on how to improve. Embibe looks after the overall development of every student. It looks after not only the academic improvement of the student but also other aspects, like behavioral attitudes and test-taking skills, time-management, etc.
These things are barely taught in offline tutorials. And Embibe has successfully filled up this gap, breaking all the barriers of traditional coaching centers.