What is A 360 Degrees Verified Company?

When it comes to renovation and construction, it is critical to ensure that you are working with the right contractor. You may wonder who a right contractor is. The right contractor for you should be professional and should have the knowledge and skills to deliver quality services concerning construction and renovation work.

Are there benefits of working with a verified general contractor? Yes, there are significant benefits of hiring a certified contractor. Professional and certified general contractors will ensure delivery of quality services and work with them can guarantee that you will achieve success in your projects. Do you have a project? Are you looking for the best contractor? Finding the best contractor may not be easy, but with Reno-Assistance you do not need to worry.

Why work with Reno-Assistance? It is important to consult when looking for the best contractor because Reno-Assistance will refer you to the best and most qualified contractors because the contractors are 360° Verified. The best part is that this will be done for free without any charges imposed. They will ensure that your project will have a happy ending and if you have not experienced such contractors in the past, you can be sure things will be beautiful this time around. Read to understand what 360 degrees verified the company is.

The companies who get stamped by Reno-Assistance are the best only

Reno-Assistance is keen on holding high industry standards. As such they ensure that they only recommend contractors who have met their stringent criteria by following their 360° system of verification so that they can be approved.

Verification is essential before referring any company. There is need to verify these contractors in the following areas to ensure that you are only working with the best contractors who can deliver quality work and within the required time.

Legal existence of the contractor

Why should the legal existence be considered? Reno-Assistance ensures that the contractors they refer to clients are legally recognized and exist on a paper. Why their legal existence? It will ensure that they can be traced if something is wrong during the work period.

Their solvency

The credit history of the company is checked before approval can be made. It is essential because the contractors need to fix their past mistakes and ensure they honor warranties to do away with any problem that can come on the way.

Judicial records and any record of complaints

It is true that lawsuits and complaints from customers may show that a contractor is not good in offering services. That is why there is need to carry out an analysis of the judicial records of the contractors and also find if there are complaints about the contractor to ensure that they are competent and can be trusted to offer good services.

License of the contractor

360 degrees verified contractors must have licenses that are valid. Reno-Assistance carries out verification of categories as well as subcategories of their licenses so that they can match the skills and expertise they have when it comes to delivery of services.

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