Why cleaning of carpet is important

Carpets are being used from years to decorate the houses and floors. Carpets are available in different sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. Some carpets are small in size, which can over a small part of the house, these are known as rugs and some carpets are big which can cover the whole areas. Rugs need to be purchased in the same size they have been displaced in the shop, their size cannot be changed but big carpets can be customized in required size. Different rooms are being made in different sizes and the size of the carpet need to be customized according to the size of the room.

There are different fabrics of the carpet. The common fabrics of carpets are wool and cotton but some people are also using silk for the making of carpet but mostly silk is being used for the making of rugs. There was a time when carpets were out of the reach of common people because of the prices of the carpet. At that time, handmade carpets were being sold. The making of carpet was very difficult. One carpet was being made in at least one month. The fabric of the carpet was also being assembled from different countries. Now days carpets are being made by machines and its fabric is also available in every country. That is why nowadays almost everyone can purchase a carpet but it is not a thing, which can be purchased every other day. Even if carpets are less costly, they still are expensive. People get worried when their carpets get dirty or damage because many people still do not afford to change carpets again and again and a dirty carpet can be very dangerous for health of people.

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