Before You Move – Down-Size Your Belongings

When you decide to sell your home, even before you get around to staging it for sale consider downsizing your belongings. As someone who’s moved numerous times both with and without children, I’ve come to appreciate a somewhat minimalist lifestyle when it comes time to move. However, that minimalist style can also be extremely useful when you’re looking to sell your home and can even make living in your house more comfortable in the meantime.

There are a great variety of reasons why you should regularly go through your piles of stuff and eliminate the unnecessary. First, less stuff in your home makes for less to keep clean; it’s easier to tidy and organise your space with less in it and way easier to keep it dusted. Secondly, if you’re looking to sell your home you’re going to be moving; less stuff makes for an easier move. Next, in order to sell your house you should either have a professional stage your home, or stage it yourself; either way, you will need to clear out the excess clutter and leave your home with a clean minimalist look so that prospective buyers can actually see what your house is all about.

There are a wide variety of items that people tend to hoard in their homes. Some people never toss out old items of clothes while others might store vast quantities of old magazines and clippings. Some items that people collect are actually quite useful and should be organized and stored properly, however many other items that are collected are mostly useless or unused by the owner.

Organizing and downsizing is best done room by room. If you start with your storage areas you can clear out things that you don’t need any more as well as make room for things that you want to keep that require storage like camping gear and holiday decorations. Clean out your closets. Go through all the clothes in your closets and take out anything that you haven’t worn in a long time and anything that’s starting to wear out. Toss out towels and bedding that’s getting worn out as well. Go through your children’s toys and clothes and sort out anything that they don’t use or doesn’t fit anymore.

Consider pieces of furniture that you no longer need or don’t fit with your home style as well. Often we hang on to furniture that no longer works with our homes just because it has sentimental value. Get rid of it if it no longer works.

Once you’ve sorted all the junk (or treasures) out of your house one of the best things you can do is have a garage sale. Some items may also do well in a consignment store if they are more valuable than garage sale material. Anything that you have left over after that is best donated to a thrift store or a battered women’s shelter.

You will find that once your home is all sorted out, it’s much easier to organize the remainder for more comfortable living as well as easier staging your home for sale. Prospective buyers will be able to see for themselves the character in your home when it’s clutter free!